Dr Federico Tinivella, from CeRSAA, Italy, explains the results of waste reuse for certain cultivations in Italy

Dr. Giovanni Minuto, Director of CeRSSA talks about the implementation of the WasteReuse Project in the region of Liguria, in Italy

Prof. Konstantinos Komnitsas, Technical University of Crete, presents the scope and results of WasteReuse Project

Prof. Maria Teresa Hernández Fernández, CEBAS-CSIS, talks about the reuse of agricultural waste in Spain



WasteReuse  Forum: 

Towards a Sustainable Use of Agricultural Waste

12 May 2015, Brussels, European Social and Economic Committee

Dr. Andreas Stamer,  FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, provided a new approach to use organic waste in agriculture and it’s relation to the development of the organic market of the Insect technology.


Mr. Patrick Wrixon, President of EISA, presented the Integrated Farming, an initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture.


Mr. Wim Vanden Auweele, Chair of the European Compost Network’s Working Group on ‘Quality Assurance for Compost and Digestate’ presented Quality Aspects of recycled biowaste in relation to the ECN-QAS Label (European Quality Assurance Scheme for Compost and Digestive).


Prof. Nikos Nikolaidis, Technical University of Crete, presented the concept of Agricultural Sustainability-by-Design, focusing on Soil Functions, Soil Services and Trade-offs.


Ms. An Le Nouail, Member European Economic and Social Committee, representing the group of Employees in EESC, provided a holistic approach towards the agriculture waste.


Mr. Jose Maria Gomez, President BIOMASA PENINSULAR, SA, presented research projects focusing on agricultural waste and by-products recycling.



Opening Session


The WasteReuse approach on sustainable use of Agricultural Waste



Greening the EU agriculture, Incentives and benefits for sustainable agriculture

Challenges and Solutions in the Mediterranean Countires and in the rest of Europe for the reuse of agricultural waste


 What’s Next, An Integrated Scenario for the use of Agricultural Waste


Civil Society viewpoints and closing remarks



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