ACTION 2: Initial assessment of existing AW treatment technologies – In Progress

Responsible Beneficiary: Technical University of Crete

All available data regarding funded projects focused on the development agricultural wastes (AW) treatment technologies in the Mediterranean area will be collected, aiming to assist the selection of the most suitable, environment friendly, low cost technology to be used for the development of alternative cultivation practices for the main water-nutrient consuming crops in Mediterranean and especially Spain and Italy.

All data will be collected and categorized relative to wastes type; treatment technology; composition of the final treated waste; treatment/operational cost, environmental benefits, suitability for crop production (irrigation and fertilization). A preliminary evaluation will be conducted regarding the potential use of treated wastes (wastewater and composts), taking into consideration use priority and convenience with regards to main application fields within the agricultural sector. Technologies that have been developed by others, including SMEs, mill owners, winery owners, etc., will be also collected and grouped.