ACTION 5: Demonstration – Spain

Responsible Beneficiary: Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS)

The objective of this Action is to demonstrate the feasibility of the application of treated wastes in open field and in greenhouses cultivations. The duration of the action will be 2 years and during this period the developed agricultural practices during Action 3 will be implemented for crops, which are mainly cultivated in Spain and are water and nutrient consuming. The action includes two demonstration sub-categories:

  1. Open field cultivations at CEBAS’s premises (SE Spain) where cereals (barley and/or wheat or maize)  will be cultivated, and
  2. Protected cultivations at CEBAS’s greenhouses in Murcia, where vegetables (lettuce and melon or tomato) will be cultivated.

Cultivations will be recorded periodically regarding yield, plant health and growing level, qualitative and quantitative characteristics, production costs, water and nutrients consumption, soil quality for both open filed cultivations and substrates quality for greenhouses practices.