ACTION 7: LCA and Risk Analysis

Responsible Beneficiary: Technical University of Crete

This Action will last 34 months and aims to carry out a complete Life Cycle Analysis in terms of raw materials consumption, energy use and emissions as well as a Risk Analysis regarding phytotoxicity and potential quantified soil and water impacts of the options considered in Actions 3-4 as well as in Actions 5-6.

The action has two main objectives. First, agricultural and environmental feasibility of using AW on crop in open field production and in protected cultivation in Med countries will be assessed; in addition, critical phases of the system, from the environmental and social point of view, will be detected using the LCA tool. Special emphasis will be given to the potential reduction of carbon footprint. Secondly, results will be compared with the burdens associated with mineral fertilization and irrigation, so that an overall and reliable evaluation of proposed actions is carried out.