ACTION 9: Dissemination

Responsible Beneficiary: Signosis Sprl.

Dissemination strategy will begin early on in the project (1st month-website creation) and will last for its entire duration (48th month). It is coherent and focused and it includes a significant set of actions to disseminate the results of the project so that the knowledge gained will be actively communicated to those stakeholders that may best make use of it and apply the lessons from the project.

The project outcomes will be presented to scientific community, industry and policy makers. The project will mobilize a network with other research groups, communicate the research outcomes and engage in dialogue with the market stakeholders. It will provide knowledge and experience transfer to policy makers through collaborative synergies e.g. workshop and liaison with public and private stakeholders. It will create awareness in researchers through publications and focused presentations while special events will be organized that will increase visibility and exploitation of the obtained results.

A multimedia website and a blog will be developed where the project results could be accessed at any time.

The dissemination plan is divided into four parts of activities:

a. Dissemination to national stakeholders

Four workshops are planned during the last two years of the project (one in each participating country) in order to present major achievements. Attention will be paid especially towards the following themes: innovative technologies for AW treatment developed within EU territory and mainly in Med countries, re-use of treated wastes in agricultural sector, environmental, social and economical benefits, agricultural development, alternative agricultural practices, natural resources protection, production of safe and high quality crops, trade opportunities for agricultural products produced by alternative practices and other specific environmental issues related to the re-use of wastes in agriculture.

Moreover, during demonstration actions 5 and 6, visits of farmers and stakeholders (e.g. input suppliers, waste management companies, central and local government, and Government agencies) will be organized at demonstration areas in Spain and Italy.

Informative material will be produced and distributed to the participants of the workshops.

Project results will be disseminated through articles in dedicated national scientific reviews, press releases and through the distribution of brief comprehensive leaflets and brochures containing the project’s outline objectives, benefits, etc., to be sent to competent authorities, stakeholders, various environmental organizations and the public.

b. Dissemination to the European Community

One workshop will be organized in Belgium during the last year of the project. The purpose is to disseminate the results obtained after the implementation of the pilot scale activities of the project and to present the suggested technologies as well as, to propose measures and actions that should be taken for a sustainable use of AW in European agricultural sector conforming simultaneously with the European legislative framework.

c. Dissemination to Spanish, Italian and Greek national authorities

The responsible beneficiaries for Actions 8 and 9, as well as members of the project Committees will present the final report, including necessary measures and actions, to Spanish, Italian and Greek national authorities (i.e. Med countries with significant agricultural production). The report will be printed (in six languages) and distributed to responsible authorities, informative meetings will take place to explain and present the conclusions of the project to national policy makers (i.e. agricultural and environmental ministry authorities). A policy report will be also created and distributed (it will also be available from the website) to national authorities.

d. International dissemination

  • The web-site, the blog of the project and all the contained informative data, except a powerful tool for scientists, policy makers and problem holders, constitutes also a wide dissemination action
  • Publications in international scientific journals
  • Announcements in International scientific conferences.