WasteReuse Decision Making Tool

Decision Making Tool

The WasteReuse Decision Making Tool (WDMT) is an online guide and planner, based on empirical research from a range of relevant experiments and demonstrations in selected Mediterranean countries and is free for producers to figure the most suitable compost type to be used for a specific crop in a certain area and climate conditions and to learn about important aspects of the different types of organic waste. The WDTM is the WasteReuse country-level database regarding the composition, restrictions of use, price and producers of different types of composts, as well as of the cultivations for which these composts are appropriate.

The WDMT was developed by the WasteReuse Project to help farmers understand the sustainable treatment and use of agricultural waste in an effort to promote the use of organic wastes as alternative to mineral fertilizers and to foster and disseminate cultivation practices related to the circular economy.

It also enables the research community to use the WDTM as a wiki platform to benchmark and include their relevant findings for other countries, crops or types of wastes in a unified and accessible online database for all European countries. An additional use of this tool is to assist policy makers to assess and measure the effectiveness and impact of cultivation practices integrating the reuse of agricultural wastes.

The WasteReuse Project has received funding from the LIFE financial instrument of the EU.
We welcome feedback and will be building a community to help us to continuously improve and develop the tool to meet the needs of farmers and researchers on the fields of organic waste and sustainable agriculture. If you are a researcher and you would like to contribute in enriching the tool with more types of wastes and cultivations in specific areas / countries that you have studied, please Contact Us directly with your input and we will provide you registration details for logging in the database forms