Technical University of Crete

Technical University of Crete (TUC) was established in 1977 in Chania, Crete and today comprises five academic engineering departments. The Department of Production Engineering and Management, the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, the Department of Environmental Engineering and the Department of Architectural Engineering, assisted in their curriculum by the Sciences Department. The mission of the TUC is to develop modern engineering specialties, to place emphasis on research in fields of advanced technologies as well as to establish close cooperation with the industry and other production organizations in Greece.

Department of Mineral Resources Engineering

The primary goal of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering is to educate engineers in a broad range of scientific and technical activities related to the extraction and processing of minerals as well as environmental geotechnology. More particularly, the Department offers basic engineering training as well as education in new technologies such as detection of ore bodies, observation of geodynamic phenomena through satellites, geophysical techniques of high resolution for archaeology, structural works and environmental applications, evaluation of raw materials by means of electronic microscopy etc.

The Department consists of three major divisions (1. Exploration and Positioning, 2. Mining Technology and 3. Minerals Exploitation) corresponding to three main directions of research.

The research Unit of “Management of mining / metallurgical wastes and rehabilitation of contaminated soils” belongs to the third division, under the direction of Prof. K. Komnitsas. The following research areas are related to the protection of the environment and sustainable development in the industrial sector:

  • Soil decontamination
  • Clean up/management/stabilization of solid wastes, effluents and offgases
  • Risk assessment in industrial and disposal areas
  • Secondary and environmental uses of wastes aiming at their valorisation

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Contact person: Prof. Kostas Komnitsas

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