Ce.R.S.A.A. – Centro di Sperimentazione e Assistenza Agricola

The Regional Centre of Experimentation and Technical Assistance is a special agency of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Savona. Greenhouses, plastic houses and open fields used for trials, demonstration and extension cover 40,000 m2. Two laboratories are involved in analysis mainly on plant pathogens and pesticides residues on vegetables offering a service to technicians and farmers operating in the Albenga area and even in the Savona province.

The Center is actively involved in experimental and demonstration activities funded by public bodies about environmentally friendly control strategies of plant pathogens, soil disinfestations techniques, management and disease control of ornamental and vegetable key crops, water recycling in soilless cultivation, dosage of fertilizers, quality of substrates for potted plants, evaluation of new species or cultivars of flowers.

More recently the field of interest has broadened to renewable energy sources, being approved demonstrative projects about solar and wind energy. Specifically, in the last years, more than 50 national and European projects were carried out with strong attention to result extension. The main ones were founded by EU: LIFE07 ENV/GR000280 “PROSODOL” (Beneficiary); LIFE04 ENV/IT463 “BIOMASS” (beneficiary); INTERREG IIIC WEST PROMSTAP “MYCOMON” (beneficiary) and “GEOQUALITY” (partner); INTERREG IIIA – ALCOTRA “SALVIE” (partner); REG CE 2078/92 and REG CE 1257/99: 53 projects from 1994 to 2006 (beneficiary).

The Center can rely on a strong connection with extensionists, growers and their local association.

Finally it is active in the dissemination of the results of its activity publishing papers on national and international journals (more than 400 in forty years of activity) and organizing courses and workshops.

For further information:

Website: http://www.cersaa.it/

Tel. and fax: +390182554949

Regione Rollo 98, Albenga (SV), Italia