Azienda Speciale per la Formazione Professionale e la Promozione Tecnologica e Commerciale della Camera di Commercio Industria e Agricultura di Savona (Laboratorio Chimico CCIAA)

The Laboratorio Chimico of the Chamber of Commerce of Savona involves specialized scientific staff of significant research capacity with modern laboratory and field infrastructure and operates at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Savona. New scientific knowledge and technical innovations are directed towards creating a dynamic and competitive agriculture, which is protective of the environment and capable of providing excellent and inexpensive nutrition for the people.

The Laboratorio Chimico operates mainly for the development of SME’s and for quality of ornamental and vegetable crops while is actively involved in the following sectors and matrixes of analysis: 1. Environment: waters, nutrient solution used in the agricultural sector, soil, fertilizers; 2. Food: pesticide residues, olive oil, wine, milk and others; 3. Atmosphere: air pollutants, work environments; 4. Microbiology: water, food, work surfaces; 5. Sensory (panel test): test on oil samples, test on wine samples, test on different food types. Moreover, the accreditation according to ISO 17025 for almost 80 analytical methods ensures accurate and precise analytical results. The research and scientific team has been involved in EU projects and demonstration actions also in cooperation with CERSAA (Beneficiary No 3) since the two institutes belong to the same agency (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Savona), operate at the same area in Albenga, share and use the same lab, equipments and infrastructure in general, although administratively are two separate institutes (different VAT number). The two institutes closely cooperate and researchers of CERSAA as well as researchers and scientists of Laboratorio Chimico undertake as a team activities similar to those that will be undertaken in WasteReuse.