Signosis Sprl

 Signosis Sprl. ( is an innovative consulting and research company, founded in Belgium. Signosis possesses a diverse and in-depth knowhow in the design and management of R&D projects and offers consultancy in several areas.

Consulting areas range from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to sustainability and social policy as well as additional disciplines focusing on promoting and implementing innovation in companies and public organisations. The company, which is based in Brussels, Belgium, has many years experience in the Management and Consultancy sector and operates a network of professionals and experts from around Europe.  Signosis is keen on international project management, carrying out research activities and programmes, implementing studies and assessments. Its targeted clients are Ministries, Local Government Departments, Public and NGOs and private companies, whenever they are aiming in obtaining services with high quality and integrity.  Signosis conducts research and provides innovative consulting services at the highest level of professionalism and commitment. This ability derives from the longstanding experience and expertise on project management, at international level, in correlation with the undisputable belief that knowledge except from power, is the ultimate business strategic priority.  Signosis has the vision to become the most innovative company in managing knowledge as a commodity. Our aim is to explore and develop all necessary mechanisms and breakthrough practices in order to achieve the goal of managing our knowledge resources coherently, timely and effectively.